One to One Friends


One to One Friends is the heart of LITA's connections. It matches volunteers with residents of long-term care facilities for weekly visits.

We screen and match volunteers with residents who have come common interests. LITA volunteers bring friendship, laughter, and something to look forward to for otherwise isolated elderly people. Over 60% of the elderly living in facilities receive very few if any visitors.

LITA supports its volunteers in many ways including:

  • A personal orientation

  • Monthly email updates

  • Regular “brown bag lunch and learn” opportunities with other volunteers

  • Staff easily available for questions and conversations.

Here are the forms you will need to complete and/or read before volunteering.

I am grateful to LITA for having an option for one-on-one friendship meetings with isolated elders at long term facilities. Our weekly visits are a mutual delight. Long-term studies reinforce my desire to participate. Reading to my friend each week parallels a memory of her young life, listening to adults talk.