Reducing loneliness and isolation

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Enhancing lives and making personal connections for those in long-term care facilities.


One to One Friendships

Connects volunteers to bring the warmth and vitality of the Marin community directly to long-term care residents to lessen their feelings of loneliness and isolation. 

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Family Connections

Brings the young and old together for learning and fun on both sides. After participating in LITA's Bridging Generations some students find they want to continue having friendships with older adults. Or sometimes a parent and child want to connect with a community member directly.

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Bridging Thru Music

Facilitates amateur youth musicians and residents of long-term care facilities meeting for informal performances and conversations.

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 Novato Healthcare Gifts from Rolling Hills Club Members

Holiday Gifts

Provides donated gifts for low-income older adults living in long-term care facilities who would likely not receive any gift during the holiday season.

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The Latest Happenings at LITA


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