Bridging Generations

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Marin County Schools Participating 2018 - 2019:

  • Mark Day School - Visiting at Alma Via in San Rafael

  • Olive Elementary - Visiting at Atria Senior Living in Novato

  • Brandeis Marin - Visiting at Drake Terrace in San Rafael

  • The Cove School - Visiting at Aegis in Corte Madera

  • Dixie Elementary - Visiting at Alma Via in San Rafael

  • San Dominico - Visiting at Bello Gardens in San Anselmo

  • Saint Raphael School - Visiting at WindChime in Kentfield

  • Tam Valley Elementary - Visiting at The Tamalpais in Greenbrae

The residents will often only get visitors on the weekends. If at all. The children’s energy boosts their energy and spirits. In fact, some of our residents who like to stay to themselves will often surprise us and choose to join this activity!
— Activity Coordinator on an end of the year survey

Bridging Generations connects elementary and middle school students with facility residents for visits during the school year. Intergenerational partners participate in activities such as arts and crafts, life histories and other projects related to the school’s curriculum. The older adults and youth develop meaningful friendships, creating a mutually beneficial experience and fostering a desire for lifelong community service.

LITA has offered Bridging Generations for 10 years working with over 300 students from schools around the County.

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At first I was very shy because I was meeting a new person. After that I was so excited to go and see them because they are fun people to be around. I also love that they are as excited to see us as we are to see them.
— Student participant at the end of the year.